The Final Days of John Belushi

A big story of fame, drugs, and death played its final scene at one of Hollywood’s least-important, private dwellings. How much of the news media chose to present the shocking death of actor John Belushi on March 5, 1982, was in a bungalow in Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California.

One of the founding players when Saturday Night Live burst onto television screens in 1975, Belushi praised his early comedy triumphs on the small screen in 1978 with National Lampoon’s Animal House and 1980’s The Blues Brothers in film success.

But two years later, the role in a handful of films and the increasing reliance on alcohol and illegal substances, the actor, who delighted audiences as Jake “Joliet” Blues and SNL’s Samurai Hitman, turned a casual drug addict at the age of 33 The combination had died of an accidental drug overdose. Cocaine and heroin, also known as “speedballs”.

Belushi spent her final week in the atmosphere of the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. By the time he checked in at the front desk of Chateau Marmont on the night of February 28, 1982, Belushi was “a time bomb, a useless place, a mess.” Sweaty, gaudy, edgy, yellow, colorful, worn on the stump of 33, ”author Sean Levy wrote in The Castle on the Sunset: Life, Death, Love, Art and Scandal in Hollywood’s Chatmart .

Belushi was trying to revive her film career

Vital for recent roles in Continental Divide and Neighbors and straggling to get his film career back on track after box office reception, Belushi had enslaved himself in Bengali number three to work for the script , And took a meeting about Noble Rot. Romantic comedy set in the early years of the California wine industry.

But according to Levi’s book the work was not going well and Paramount was keen for him to do a film based on The Joy of Sex before No Joy. Belushi’s attention span was limited and his speech was often inconsistent, his clothes dirty and he appeared unsatisfied, his bungalow in disorganized condition.

‘The Blues Brothers’ had budget allocated for cocaine

His All-All-Nothing approach to comedy was shown in his hunger, whether it was for drugs, food or alcohol. His heavy drug use was already evident during the filming of The Blues Brothers. “We had a budget in the film for cocaine for night shoots,” co-star Dan Akroyd told Vanity Fair in 2012 of making the film.

“Everyone did it, including me. Never more, and never where I wanted to buy it or had it. [But] John, he loved what he did. It made him alive at night – that superpower spirit where you start talking and believing and assessing, you can solve all the problems of the world. ”

Belushi was struggling with depression and bounced around the LA party scene

Belushi spent most of her final week around the Sunset Strip and from one party scene to another, be it Roxy Nightclub, Rainbow Bar & Grill, and Santa Dan Boulevard’s restaurant Dan Tana, to name a few. After the clubs closed at 2 pm, his chateau closed on the Marmont Bungalow circuit, including visits by friends Robin Williams and Robert De Niro.

Belushi’s wife, Judy, whom he married in 1976, resided at her residence in New York and had rarely heard from her husband in her final week. He spoke on March 4 and recalled that he looked better – more depressed than depressed – but he knew his drug use had spiraled out of control, a 1984 biography Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John By Bob Woodward by Belushi.

The same day Belushi contacted Kathy Smith, an addict and occasional dealer who procured and administered drugs for a needle-fired comedy star. Belushi had also met his manager Bernie Brillstein and asked for $ 1,500 in cash to buy a new guitar. “I’m not going to pay you money,” Brillstein is quoted as saying in Wired. “You will use it on drugs.” Later, Brillstein says that he trusted and gave Belushi cash.

Robert De Niro and Robin Williams were two of the last people to see Belushi

On the evening of Thursday 4 March, De Niro and actor Harry Dean Stanton closed Belushi’s bungalow and urged them to go to Dan Tana’s dinner with him and then to a special Sunset strip club on The Rocks. He found room in a trashed with Belshi and Smith, with empty liquor bottles, dirty laundry and pizza boxes.

De Niro and Stanton quit, agreeing to return after On the Rocks closed. Williams had met the actors at a nightclub, and Williams planned to stop at Belushi’s bungalow after performing an undetermined set at the Comedy Store.

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