Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s Love Story

One of the longest-married presidential couples in American history, Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalinan, were hometown sweethearts whose seven-decade relationship saw them travel from their rural roots to the highest office in the land.

Jimmy and Rosaline came from Georgia town of 600 people

Born in 1924 (the first president to be born in a hospital), James Earl “Jimmy” Carter Jr. was the eldest of four children of James and Basie “Lillian” Carter. James was a successful local businessman, and Lillian worked long hours as a nurse.

The Carters raised their family in and around the grounds of Georgia, a small town of about 600 people when Jimmy was born. A good student, Jimmy dreamed of moving from the Plains, and, inspired by a maternal uncle who attended the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, set his sights on a military career.

Wilbur and Eli Smith were neighbors of the Carters, and in the summer of 1927, Lillian helped deliver their first child, Eleanor Roslyn. Like elsewhere in America, the Great Depression hit the plains hard, and Smith’s already fragile economic situation deteriorated when Roslyn’s father died.

13. She went on to work with her mother to support the family, who influenced a range of jobs. His daughter’s hard work and independence are important. Despite her assignment, Rochelyn was also an outstanding student, reaching the top of her high school class and agreeing to attend college, fulfilling her father’s wishes for her children.

Jimmy knew he was going to marry Rosalyn after their first date

Rosslyn was a childhood friend of Ruth Carter, Jimmy’s younger sister. Although she had known Jimmy all her life, it was not revealed until 1945 that the romance blossomed. Rosalynn was a freshman at nearby Georgia Southwestern College.

Jimmy, pursuing at the same school and Georgia Institute of Technology, had fulfilled his dream and was entering his final year in Annapolis. The city was proud of its original son, and as Roslyn later wrote, he noted Carter’s photographs in his military uniform at his family’s home.

When Jimmy returned home that summer, he too took notice of a 17-year-old, very shy. One night, when the other girl fell through with the plans, Jimmy saw her sister and Rosalynn walking down the street, and huffed in their films, after which the two asked to share their first kiss. Jimmy smiled immediately after his first date, telling his mother that he had met his future wife.

When they both returned to school, and that winter, Jimmy proposed, the tornado courtship continued. Initially concerned about how fast the relationship was progressing and first aspiring to finish college, Roslyn said no. But Jimmy persisted and they were engaged in the spring when Rosalyn visited Annapolis, with Jimmy engraving her with a letter “ILYTG,” a brief description for a Carter family,  On July 7, 1946, a few weeks after the graduation of Plessy Methodist Church, Jimmy.

The Carters spent their early married years on the move

Shortly after their marriage, Carters moved to Norfolk, Virginia, for Jimmy’s first naval assignment, where Roslyn gave birth to the first of four children of the couple. The family then moved to Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts before they set up roots in New York State.

Rosalyn adapted easily to frequent tricks and enjoyed her time as a naval wife. When Jimmy’s father died in 1953, and he decided to return home to resign from the Navy and pursue family interests, including a peanut farm, Roslyn was initially bald, returning home to the plains Unhappy with the prospect. As Jimmy later wrote in a memoir, the dialogue between the two broke up, as Roslyn “avoided talking to me as much as possible.”

She later described the period as the most successful person in her marriage, adding that she believed “the best part of my life was over,” as she discovered her role and with her husband Struggled to keep himself on the same pedestal. She eventually found the two when she helped Jimmy run the farm, handle the finances of the business and give him the profits.

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