Eddie Murphy Joined ‘Saturday Night Live’ as the

It’s hard to imagine the last four-plus decades of television without Saturday Night Live, yet an entertainment scenario minus the NBC comedy sketch show was almost a reality in the early 1980s when the show’s producer Lorne Michaels co-founded the show with the original 30 Went out of the rock were on-screen and writing talent. […]

A Stranger Gave a Struggling Carol Burne

Comedy icon Carole Burnett and the millions of people who have watched her Emmy-winning variety series, The Carroll Burnett Show, may not have had the time for the generosity of some anonymous beneficiaries over the years. On at least two occasions, strangers – such as many – were so enamored with Burnett’s raw talent and […]

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s Love Story

One of the longest-married presidential couples in American history, Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalinan, were hometown sweethearts whose seven-decade relationship saw them travel from their rural roots to the highest office in the land. Jimmy and Rosaline came from Georgia town of 600 people Born in 1924 (the first president to be born in […]

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