How to fix error setting up database connection in wordpress

The idea that a database can have a sudden problem usually scares people away from the habit of making regular backups.So, if you are not already doing this, today is the day you will start making regular backups of your WordPress site. Once we have your database backed up and turned on, you can see an easy way to start this article.

Either way, as we get into the troubleshooting part of this post,

it’s important to make sure that you made a new backup before making any changes to your MySQL database or clicking on anything in phpMyAdmin is. Do not overwrite something created before the error message is generated.

What is the error in establishing database connection?

MySQL is an open source database responsible for storing all the important information required by your website. Just to put it, without a database, you get nothing but a blank white screen.

Whenever a visitor comes to your website, WordPress, which is built on PHP, is required to deliver the requested page to your visitor’s browser. To achieve this, WordPress communicates with your MySQL database and requests the necessary information. This includes everything that the end user sees on their screen.

But every now and then, something goes wrong. WordPress goes in search of information and –

nothing. Peace. For whatever reason, WordPress is unable to connect or pull the necessary information from your database. Once this happens, it is up to you or your hosting company to find out the root cause of the problem and fix the error.

It would be nice if the cause of the error was clear as an error message.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Most of the time, the problem can be solved quickly with just a little digging. At other times, you may need to pursue the situation by contacting your hosting company. As you are working through these problems and solutions, remember, as with most things in WordPress, there are usually several ways to solve the same problem.

Your database credentials are incorrect

If you recently installed WordPress through your hosting company’s one-click installer, chances are it is not the cause of your problem.On the other hand, if you are in the process of doing one of the following, then there is a good chance that this is where your problem can be solved:

If you are changing the host or domain name.

Most of the time you will find out if there is a chance that your credibility is wrong. If you are entering or changing database credentials, this is not something you do inadvertently.

The first step towards resolving the error message is to collect all the necessary information. This includes:

This information can be found in your cPanel under MySQL Database (pictured above).

Opening this window will display a list of database installations as well as a list of database users. Keep this window open while going to step number two.

Your second step is to download or open your wp-config.php file. You can do this using a basic FTP program like Filezilla, but it is easy to log into your web page and select “web root (public_html / www)” and then click “Go”.Next, choose the wp-config.php file (as seen above) and click “Edit” at the top of your screen. This will open the file and enable the editor. Scrolling down a few lines gives you the information you are looking for:


All the information contained within the citation, for example ‘database_name’,

should exactly match your actual database credentials. Even an extra space after quotes can cause an error message.If you are wondering what your database host should be set up for, you can check with your hosting company’s support team or this list.If you are unsure about your password, you can simply select the user (as seen in the image below) and reset the password.

Tina Fey Used Her Real Life as Inspiration for the Unforgettable

When Tina Fey wrote the screenplay for Mean Girls, she based on Rossalind Wiseman’s 2002 bestselling self-help book, Queen Bees and Wanabies: Helping Your Daughter Survival Clicks, Gossip, Boyfriend, and Other Reality of Adolescence.

To make the 2004 high school comedy so good, however, he had Fei Fei personally associated with his own life. In fact, Bhole’s story, formerly homescond transfer student Caddy Heron (Lindsay Lohan) navigates the trails of teenage life at the hands of Queen Bee Regina George (Rachel McAdams) and her army of “plastics” – including Gretchen Wrenners (Lacy ) Included.

Chebert) and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) – probably full of Fayette’s experiences, as Gretchen’s hair was full of secrets.

Graduates of Upper Darby High School in Pennsylvania – and, remembering “Nude Times” in the past, admitted, “Fell, poisonous, bitter behaviors had no purpose, which I revisited my high school practices.” Done.

Regina George’s famous compliment is inspired by Fay’s mother

The line was, of course, delivered by the ruthless Regina, shaped by another member of Fei’s house: her mother, Xenobia “Jean” Fay. In one of the film’s memorable moments directed by Mark Waters, Regina applauds a classmate’s “adorable” outfit in the hallway, saying, “Oh my God, I love you your skirt. Where did you get it from?” After the do-gooder leaves, however, Regina turns to Caddy and ridicules him, “This is the worst looking skirt I’ve ever seen.”

The scene was directly from Jean’s playbook. “My mom has the habit that if she sees a woman in a really ugly hat or a fabulous sweatshirt, she’ll go ‘I Love Your Shirt’ and I’ll say ‘Mom, that’s really what it means,” Fei said. A revealing interview. “And she would say ‘clearly she wanted someone to notice that shirt. She took it out. There’s a huge teddy bear on it.”

Cady Heron was named after Fay’s college roommate

On one hand, high-quality dialogue, even the names of many of the film’s characters, came directly from Saturday Night Live Fitam’s past. When she was a drama student at the University of Virginia in the early 90s, she shared an apartment in Charlottesville with a friend named Caddy Gary, who according to UVA alumni magazine is named Lohan’s protagonist.

Glenn is the real name of Coco Fay’s brother’s friend

As Glen Coco, the infamous recipient of four Candy Cane Grams (“You go, Glen Coco!”), He was named after Fay’s brother, a friend of Peter’s. “I tried to use real names in writing because it is too easy,” she later explained. “My older brother’s good friend is Glenn Coco. He’s a film editor in Los Angeles, and I imagine a pain in the butt for him. Someone said to me, you can buy a shirt at Target that says Gl. You go, Glen Coco! ‘It was unexpected. ”

Asli Janis Ian is a musician who performed on ‘SNL’

Music aficionados also know that not only is Janice Ian (portrayed in Mean Girls by actress Lizzie Caplan) a real person, but the Grammy-winning singer also has a famous SNL connection. When the NBC sketch comedy series premiered in 1975, Ian was the show’s first musical guest.

Not only this, his 1975 song “At Seventeen” can also be heard in the background during the film. And don’t forget that among the film’s cast were Fay’s SNL collaborators Amy Poehler, Tim Meadows and Ana Gustier. (The show’s producer, Lorne Michaels, also worked as a producer for Mean Girls.

The film’s relatability is ‘this little trap to catch girls’

As far as Wiseman is concerned, Fay’s vision was the only one she felt could do her book justice. Wijman once said, “People talked about turning it into a film or TV show, and I had no problem rejecting them because it was always something that was cheap.” “Then Tina called … I knew it was important to her that it wouldn’t be stupid.”

She continued, “I have had a lot of success in my life by working with women who are smart and funny and Tina fits into that category. From that time until I came out, I said yes, it has been about 18 months.

How Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph Became

When the famous Host-cum 2019 Academy Awards rocked, three of the comedy’s most iconic players – Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph – stepped into the center stage and turned the play into a laughing pot before the telecast.

Without missing the beat, the women began to play each other in a joking manner, showing off each other to watch hot-button themes such as the absence of original host Kevin Hart – and even the night Let’s also redeem some of the most famous nominees.

Their collaborative monologue and seemingly unconvincing banning Oscar-worthy and in itself – only it doesn’t really involve too much acting, if any. reason? Fay, Poehler, and Rudolph are close friends over the years, and their performance was as real as it gets.

Poehler taught Fey the ‘first real beauty lesson’

Fay and Poehler first met in Chicago Improvilike Theater class in 1993, with the latter jokingly saying that she had now received “the first real beauty lesson” from her close pal. “I recently learned that you could braid your eyebrows or put hot wax on them and shape parts of them,” Fei said of the knowledge he had given Poehler. .

In fact, Charma Halper, co-founder of improvisation theater, introduced women to each other. As Poehler explained, “[Bardon] said that she had another new reformer in another class that she thought I’d really like. Her name was Tina and she was like me but gray-haired.”

Their connection was immediate. While writing her 2014 memoir, Yes Please, Poehler reflected in the beginning of her friendship with Fay: “She was fast, shy and hilarious. We took classes together and sat back down … When we did scenes together, they were not particularly funny or interesting. There was nothing to indicate that anyone in our team would succeed in any kind of comedy career. ”

It took Fei several years to convince Foal to join ‘SNL’

She could not be more wrong. In 1996, Poehler relinquished his place in Chicago’s Second City improv comedy troupe (which would eventually earn) to establish his sketch group, the Honest Citizens Brigade in New York City.

The following year, Fey followed suit, went to the Big Apple, wrote a job for NBC’s Saturday Night Live – and, of course, also performed with Poehler from time to time with the Honest Civilian Brigade Reunited.

After years of trying to recruit Poehler for SNL, Fay finally succeeded in 2001. “I was very happy,” Fay wrote in his autobiographical “Weekend Update” co-anchor’s 2011 autobiography, Bosspants. “Oddly, I think I remember, ird ​​my friend is here! My friend is here! Although things have been great for me on the show, with Amy, I felt less alone.”

Poehler praised Rudolph for seeing him as usual ‘having fun’

It was during this time that Rudolph came into the mix, adding Fei to the cast of SNL in May 2000. She also vividly remembers the first time she met Poehler in September next year. “I walked into the writers’ room, and I feel like you were sitting at the table and everybody just gathered around, like, ehhh, finally: Amy here,” she told Poehler in a joint interview with Vanity Fair .

For his part, Poehler found himself leaning on Rudolph, noting that his inherently calm demeanor was a much-needed balance to the pressures he experienced as members of a new SNL cast. “So much of the live performance has faded that you won’t be afraid,” said Poehler. “Maya is never scared – she always feels she is having fun.”

Rudolph says he is ‘very lucky’ to have Fay and Poehler in his life

Working with Poehler and Fay was equally rewarding for Rudolf – and the veteran helped end the deadlock that helped build a lasting bond and comradeship. As she recently explained: “I’m very lucky to have been with these women in my life over the years – when we first started, we were working in SNL in our 20s and 30s, and very In ways, we were kids.

I moved to New York City before September 11. I was a lonely working man working crazy hours. I didn’t know how to take care of myself, and I spent these months Learned a lot of users. ”

The trio, along with fellow SNL almael Rachel Dretch, Ana Geschier, Paula Pell, and Emily Spivey – all serve as the stars of the 2019 comedy debut Country under Poehler’s direction, even to this day, a daily Groups also participate in lessons. Rudolph echoed his earlier statement about their friendship. “We all went through something important together,” she has shared. “I always say that SNL comedy was Army.

Roald Dahl’s Daughter Tragically Died

Writer Roald Dahl’s oldest child, daughter Olivia, contracted measles when she was seven years old. His disease resulted in a rare but serious complication: measles encephalitis, inflammation of the brain. Olivia died on November 17, 1962, just days after becoming ill. Dahl was devastated by the loss of his daughter, but he also used Olivia’s death to encourage other children to vaccinate.

After a terrible accident, Dahl and his family move to England

On December 5, 1960, tragedy struck the young family when Theo’s baby car collided with a taxi in New York City. Sent flying in the air, the four-month-old skull broke when it landed.

Theo’s prognosis was initially severe. However, he recovered from the accident, although he would require multiple surgeries to relieve the buildup of fluid around his brain. In 1961, Theo’s situation stabilized, Dahl and Neil decided to leave New York and make their home in the English village of Great Missenden.

Dahl was able to write in a cottage on the property (he was working on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). He also devised ways to entertain the children, such as when he shot his daughters’ names on the lawn with a videkiller, saying that it was done by the fairies. He shared a particularly close relationship with Olivia, who enjoyed stories like his father.

Olivia Dahl became very ill with measles in 1962

In November 1962, Dahles learns that a seven-year-old Olivia school had a measles outbreak. There was no measles vaccine available at that time, so there was a possibility of them catching the easily spread virus. However, there was an available treatment: gamma globulin, a blood plasma protein, whose antibodies may prevent or reduce the severity of infection.

In the US, gamma globulin was given regularly to children, but in the United Kingdom, it was usually given only to pregnant women. Dahl’s brother-in-law, Ashley Miles, was a prominent American doctor, so Neil reached out to him to try to get gamma globulin for the children. However, Miles only provided enough for Theo, who was still recovering from his accident, saying, “Let the girls have measles, it will be good for them.”

Olivia soon developed the famous measles rash. After three days she was well enough to learn chess from Dahl, and also beat her father in the game. But on the fourth day of her illness, she was lethargic. When Dahl tried to entertain her, she noticed that her fingers and her brain were not working together and she could not do anything. Later that day, Olivia began to have cramps.

Olivia’s death devastates Dahl

Olivia was rushed to the hospital, where she was found to develop measles encephalitis, inflammation of the brain. Treatment could not save the comatose girl who died on November 17, 1962. Years later, after Dahl’s own death, his family discovered a notebook in which he described seeing his daughter’s body in the hospital:

“I went to her room. The sheet was over her. The doctor nurse Said to go out. Leave him alone. I kissed him. He was hot. I walked out. ‘He’s hot.’ I told the doctors in the hall, ‘Why is she so hot?’

In life, Dahl’s priority was always to find a way to cope with adversity. After his son’s accident, Dahl helped build a valve to treat Theo’s hydrocephalus (the valve was recovered before it was ready but thousands of other patients benefited from it). But now he had nothing. Soon after losing Olivia, Dahl told a friend, “I wish we didn’t have a chance to fight for him.”

Neil later told People magazine that after losing his daughter, “Ronald was actually almost mad.” Knowledge of gamma globulin could have prevented encephalitis that led to the death of his daughter. Seeing Theo’s accident, he wondered if his family had been cursed. Religion offered no solace, as a church leader told him that there would be no dogs in the afterlife, who knew that Olivia would be hated.

Harper Lee and Truman Capote Were Childhood Friends

Two of the best-known writers of the 20th century, Harper Lee and Truman Capote, bonded as children in the Depression-era Deep South. After more than two decades, the two had significant and financial success, but mass jealousy and their confrontational lifestyle marked the end of one of history’s best-known literary friendships.

Each became a character in the other’s work

The son of a teenage mother and a salesman father, Kapot (known as Truman Persons) moved to Monroeville, Alabama at age 4 to live with his aunt after his parents’ divorce. He soon became a renowned lawyer and journalist A.C. Befriended Lee’s daughter, Nell Harper Lee. The young couple bonded over their shared love of reading and developed an early interest in writing by collaborating on stories written by Lee’s father on a typewriter purchased for him.

Although she was two years younger, Lee served as Capote’s keeper, rescuing the small, hyper-sensitive boy from the neighborhood bull. Lee later stated that he and Capote were united from childhood with “common suffering”, as Capote’s troubled mother abandoned him repeatedly as he sought financial security, and Lee’s mother was considered by scholars to be bipolar disorder. is.

Capot continued his friendship with his mother as a pre-teen in New York City. On his way to college, the indefatigable Capote worked at The New Yorker magazine and published a series of pieces that caught the attention of publishers, leading to a contract for his first book.

The grave of Idabel Tomkins was a fictionalized version of the character Lee. Capote’s initial success convinced that the following year Lee moved to New York City. She went on to work in her book, To Kill a Mockingbird, in which she depicted Alabama childhood and based the character of Dill Harris on Capote.

Lee played a key role in Capote’s most famous work

In November 1959, Capote read a brief story in The New York Times about the ruthless murder of a wealthy family in a small Kansas town. Inspired, he offered the idea for an investigative story for The New Yorker magazine, which the editor agreed to. As Capote planned westward, he realized that he needed an assistant.

Lee had just submitted his final manuscript for To Kill a Mockingbird at his publishing house and had ample time on his hands. Lee was long fascinated by crime cases and also studied criminal law before leaving school and moving to New York.

Capote hired her, and the two made their way to Holcomb, Kansas a few weeks later. Lee proved invaluable, as his relaxed Southern manner helped blunt Capote’s more flamboyant personality. Deciding later, many at Holcom still seem to remember Lee with pride, while holding Capote at arm’s length. Thanks to Lee, local residents, law enforcement and slain clutter family friends open their doors to the unexpected pair.

Every night, Capote and Lee retire to a small motel outside the city to visit the day’s events. Lee eventually contributed more than 150 pages, with elaborately detailed notes that reflected everything from the size and color of the furniture in the clutter house to what the television show was playing in the background as paired sources.

Was. He even wrote an anonymous article in a magazine for former FBI agents in the early 1960s praising the lead detective on the Clutter case and promoting Capote’s ongoing work. His article in The Grapevine was not revealed until 2016.

Jealousy helped to sour their relationship

Kill to Mockingbird was published in July 1960, and Lee became a runaway success, receiving an National Book Award and a Pulitzer Prize, followed by an Academy Award-winning motion picture. It would eventually sell over 30 million copies and become a beloved classic. Capote was jealous of Lee’s financial and critical success, leading to a growing rift between the two.

As Lee would write to a friend many years later, “I was his oldest friend, and I did something that Truman cannot forgive: I wrote a novel that sold. He spent more than 20 years of his jealousy.” Introduced. ”

Despite the tension, Lee continued to help Capote on the Clutter project, as he quickly escalated into the case, developing a relationship with the two men convicted and eventually executed for the crime. It took him nearly five years to publish his New Yorker series, which he expanded into a book. When Cold Blood was published in 1966, it was a sensation, with many hiling capote to create a new genre, “true crime” fiction non-fiction.