A Stranger Gave a Struggling Carol Burne

Comedy icon Carole Burnett and the millions of people who have watched her Emmy-winning variety series, The Carroll Burnett Show, may not have had the time for the generosity of some anonymous beneficiaries over the years.

On at least two occasions, strangers – such as many – were so enamored with Burnett’s raw talent and unquestionable magnetism that he made investments that have yielded dividends in the form of countless laughs that the comedian made over his 60s Period – Your career is achieved.

Barnett was raised by his grandmother and struggled to make ends meet

To fully understand the impact of money on his career, Burnett’s humble beginnings must be looked at. In the 1930s, Burnett’s parents, writer Crayton and movie theater manager Joseph, uprooted the family from their San Antonio, Texas, home and moved to Los Angeles. Soon after the move, Burnett’s parents split up, and, as described by the Peabody winner, the two became alcoholics.

The two girls moved into a studio apartment with their grandmother, Mabel White, due to her parents being unable to take care of her and her younger step sister Chrissy. Hollywood’s weapons were manufactured, dingy, and White, sometimes forced to steal silverware, so he and his granddaughters had the utensils with which they were dined.

She was able to pay for college because a stranger left tuition money in Burnett’s mailbox

Burnett later graduated from Hollywood High in 1951 and was admitted to UCLA. Despite Burnett’s acceptance into college, his family was barely able to afford the $ 30 a month rent, and as such, he certainly could not afford to pay UCLA’s $ 50 annual tuition. One day while visiting the mailbox of her apartment, Burnett finds an envelope address containing the money to pay for her education.

“I still don’t know who it was,” she has said. “But I did get to go to UCLA.”

The comedian began studying in journalism, but later began to study theater and was mesmerized by the feeling of an audience laughing. During his freshman year at UCLA, Burnett was also named the “Most Promising Newcomer” – the first of many awards he would receive during his career. (Recently, Burnett revealed that even today, he still received a handwritten award in his office.)

Mystery Man, who loaned Burnett, promised to help others when he grew up

Catching the acting bug, Burnett dreams of one day starring on Broadway. However, money was strapped, and such aspirations were out of his reach. This was until a second shock of fate followed the performance of a junior-year student at a house in San Diego.

Burnett is approached by a businessman and his wife, and upon learning of her difficulties, she offers both her and her future husband, actor Don Saroyan, a loan of $ 1,000 to make a cross-country trek in New York City. Of.

“I had never seen many zeros in my life,” he said, adding that the mystery man gave interest-free assistance on three terms: “First, you should never tell my name; second, you go to New York. Use money; Thirdly, if you are successful, you should promise to help others. ”

The reason for man’s generosity? “Someone had helped him make his debut in this country,” Burnett explained, noting that the man’s wife told him that he had also asked others to run gas stations and start restaurants Has helped in everything. “He was pushing it forward.”

Burnett moved to New York City, but with no job in sight, he almost quit

Upon arriving in New York City, Burnett moved to the Eltoquin Hotel, which at the time charged $ 9 for a room, but realized that $ 1,000 would not last very long. With no immediate viable prospects, Burnett admitted to shedding many tears during a call back home, during which his family insisted he pack up and return to the West Coast.

Then, he indicated that he should not give up. During a chant of her crying, it was raining outside, and Burnett detected a big storm ripening on the radio. Its name: Hurricane Carol. “Suddenly, I feel much better,” Burnett, who later became a force of nature himself, has shared. “this was good.

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