21 Best Sweatshirt Mockup Templates 2019

Spring, spring too! If you’re looking for the perfect mockup that will do the trick, well, this is definitely one you won’t find in a while. This is one of those templates that offer to improve you directly from your browser. You can change the color of the bini and the dress of the sweater. Also, with a simple upload function, you quickly slide into your design and see that it appears in just one click. Easy work, indeed, yet the final presentation will be outstanding.

An amazing mockup of a smiling woman wearing a hijab, red skirt and sweatshirt.

Of course, you can style and fine-tune the sweater depending on how fancy you are. First, choose the right tint of the garment using a work color picker. Plus, just slide in just about any design you want, crop it up and voila, you have it all set and ready to roll. That’s right, the whole process is as quick and simple as it sounds. That’s it, now it’s your turn, take things into your hands and make it your way.

For everyone who is into children’s fashion, here is a sweater mockup that will help you in the presentation of your cute designs.

Even if it is just a bid, you can still benefit immensely from this solution. At your end, you get to change colors, add graphics, and even a text overlay. Also, and most importantly, you attach your design or even just a logo with no sweat. Keep in mind, you don’t need to open your wallet right now. You can completely style and improve mockups with your creativity and only make it 100% your own later.

Blonde woman wearing oversize sweatshirt

Women find it very popular to wear oversized clothes. If that is something on your to-do list, then here is a perfect choice for your intention, to create an oversized sweater design. Like any other mockup you find on the placit, it is a bit of a breeze to use.

There is no need to specialize in designing clothing so that it can be used. In fact, anyone will succeed in establishing a life-performance of your beautiful creations. Now make some noise and enjoy the response of your loyal brand followers.

A team of a group of people checking their phones

What to do while waiting for a cup of coffee? Well, check your phone, duh! What the exact situation was, I don’t know, however, what I do know is that you can now use this sweatshirt mockup to bring your design to a top notch exhibition. For quick realization, you only have to go through two clicks.

First, you change the color of the garment. And second, you add your design. That is! Of course, you can apply various graphics and even an assortment of some text. For example, you can use the latter for a call-to-action.

Kronec Sweatshirt Mockup Placed

If you are looking for something more basic, still creative, don’t waste much time and opt for this sweatshirt mockup. It facilitates the item, laying flat on a three-color surface. That said, you have lots of color options to make it lively and energetic.

One thing is for sure, you will have no trouble in making your sweater design pop and spark the interest of the potential buyer. On your eCommerce store, use the ultimate build on social media, share it with your customer, well, you get it. Let it stand out from the public!

A women’s crew sweatshirt mockup in front of a graffiti wall

It features a female model in an urban setting, standing in front of a wall of graffiti. Now, you can keep everything exactly as you can fill it with your creative. On the other hand, you can also change the color of the sweater, add graphics, custom pictures, and even text.

Many different options and possibilities that will leave you with a killer product. What’s super cool, you can always go back to the drawing board and start again. The process is so simple and so quick, you can easily come up with many different forms in one snap.


How to fix error setting up database connection in wordpress

The idea that a database can have a sudden problem usually scares people away from the habit of making regular backups.So, if you are not already doing this, today is the day you will start making regular backups of your WordPress site. Once we have your database backed up and turned on, you can see an easy way to start this article.

Either way, as we get into the troubleshooting part of this post,

it’s important to make sure that you made a new backup before making any changes to your MySQL database or clicking on anything in phpMyAdmin is. Do not overwrite something created before the error message is generated.

What is the error in establishing database connection?

MySQL is an open source database responsible for storing all the important information required by your website. Just to put it, without a database, you get nothing but a blank white screen.

Whenever a visitor comes to your website, WordPress, which is built on PHP, is required to deliver the requested page to your visitor’s browser. To achieve this, WordPress communicates with your MySQL database and requests the necessary information. This includes everything that the end user sees on their screen.

But every now and then, something goes wrong. WordPress goes in search of information and –

nothing. Peace. For whatever reason, WordPress is unable to connect or pull the necessary information from your database. Once this happens, it is up to you or your hosting company to find out the root cause of the problem and fix the error.

It would be nice if the cause of the error was clear as an error message.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Most of the time, the problem can be solved quickly with just a little digging. At other times, you may need to pursue the situation by contacting your hosting company. As you are working through these problems and solutions, remember, as with most things in WordPress, there are usually several ways to solve the same problem.

Your database credentials are incorrect

If you recently installed WordPress through your hosting company’s one-click installer, chances are it is not the cause of your problem.On the other hand, if you are in the process of doing one of the following, then there is a good chance that this is where your problem can be solved:

If you are changing the host or domain name.

Most of the time you will find out if there is a chance that your credibility is wrong. If you are entering or changing database credentials, this is not something you do inadvertently.

The first step towards resolving the error message is to collect all the necessary information. This includes:

This information can be found in your cPanel under MySQL Database (pictured above).

Opening this window will display a list of database installations as well as a list of database users. Keep this window open while going to step number two.

Your second step is to download or open your wp-config.php file. You can do this using a basic FTP program like Filezilla, but it is easy to log into your web page and select “web root (public_html / www)” and then click “Go”.Next, choose the wp-config.php file (as seen above) and click “Edit” at the top of your screen. This will open the file and enable the editor. Scrolling down a few lines gives you the information you are looking for:


All the information contained within the citation, for example ‘database_name’,

should exactly match your actual database credentials. Even an extra space after quotes can cause an error message.If you are wondering what your database host should be set up for, you can check with your hosting company’s support team or this list.If you are unsure about your password, you can simply select the user (as seen in the image below) and reset the password.